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20th of March, 2024

Why Women Need Creatine

Why Women Need Creatine - Athena Nutrition

If there was a supplement that could help increase strength, power, performance, body composition, hydration and mood then sign us up. Maybe we can have it all, with the supplement creatine.  

Creatine gets misrepresented as a bulking supplement and falls off the radar of a lot of female athletes. If you are doing any high intensity repeated efforts in sports or resistance training then it time to get creatine usage front of mind again if you want to see improvements in your training outputs and train more efficiently, harder or more often than this is where future gains can be seen in the long term. 

Where to find Creatine? 

Creatine can be found naturally in some foods in smaller amounts. However, not only do females eat less of these foods they also store 70% less creatine in their muscles than men do. Meaning there is a  greater need to provide creatine to have an accessible supply to ignite your training.  

Supplementation provides access to readily available creatine stores in the muscle to improve your capacity to perform and recover from repeated bouts of effort. Taking a regular maintenance dose of creatine can help support some consistency in energy availability to train consistently. This is particularly relevant for female athletes who experience monthly fluctuation in energy levels due to changes in hormones and the impact this has on readily available fuel.