Boasting an impressive track record of 60 International caps, Netball World Cup and a World Championship under her belt, Kim Ravaillion is a force to be reckoned with, and one of the most experienced midcourters in Australia. 


Kim Ravaillion's netball career is nothing short of extraordinary. It all started at Fairfield City Districts Netball Association, which set the stage for her illustrious career. Swiftly progressing through the NSW Representative pathway, she landed a spot on the international stage, representing Australia at the World Youth Cup in 2013. That very year marked the debut of a rising star in the Australian Diamonds lineup. 

Kim has left an indelible mark. Her trophy cabinet boasts back-to-back championships with the Queensland Firebirds, Commonwealth Games gold in 2014, and a Netball World Cup triumph in 2015. She is currently leading the way as captain and center for the Queensland Firebirds.

Fuelling with ATHENA

"Early on in my career I thought I was invincible and pushed myself to the limit from a training perspective - training twice a day. At the end of training sessions, I would be exhausted, and my body couldn’t keep up. Combined with not eating the right nutrition, I ended up with an iron deficiency and required two infusions to stay on top of it.


Since then, I’ve educated myself with the help of nutrition experts, to read my own body when I’m feeling low. Now to manage my iron levels, I focus on my diet with plenty of iron rich foods, in addition to nutrition supplements such as ATHENA Protein Powder + Iron."


- Kim Ravaillion

Honours & Achievements 

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